Modeling to Determine Your Best Policy

Buying insurance is a financial decision, traditional brokers take your losses and exposures to force fit an insurance policy – likely giving the same advice to an organization with millions in liquid assets as one struggling with debt payments. We start with your current financial position and future plans to back into the right insurance structure. By using modeling embraced by other financial industries we ensure your insurance program

Assistance with Claims

As an independent broker we are not compensated by insurance markets for our clients loss history, we are dedicated to helping you secure the most favorable outcome from any claim filed. Our assistance begins at helping you word your claim filing never ends – documenting the process and what has been done to prevent future reoccurrences is key to securing favorable future insurance pricing.

Proactive Service

Our clients have facilities to run and generally do not think about insurance and financial risk on a daily basis. We are proactive in setting a open items system and ensure issues are taken care of before they become problems.

Aggressive Negotiation

Our brokers are all classically trained negotiators who have broken down the underwriter negotiation to ensure we are driving the best deal possible. By using pre-modeling to determine the underwriters likely decision we know where to push for favorable terms. At the same time underwriters appreciate not being beat up for unreasonable policy structures they will never provide – this gives us the ability to secure deals no one else can.