CA Lawsuit Reinstated

A California court has reinstated a claim made by nursing home residents that state standards were not met.

The lower court had ruled that only state regulators could enforce a rule about minimum hours of care provided each day.

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Employment Law and Social Networking

On August 1st, the Illinois Governor made into law H.B. 3782. This new law addresses how a company can use social media websites in the hiring process. The law now prohibits an employer from asking a potential employee for their social networking password, username or other details. Growing in use and importance, social networking is being used more frequently by hiring departments when evaluating a candidate for employment. When using social media websites in the interviewing process, urges firms to use caution. It is an important first step to obtain employment practices liability insurance and to seek counsel from a law firm specialized in employment law. Contact us today for additional information on ways to protect your firm from lawsuits.

MO Supreme Court Strikes Down Damage Caps

The Spreme Court in Missouri has struck down a 2005 law that limited non-economic damages to $350,000.

The full ruling is available here. reminds it’s clients that the legal environment is constantly changing and helps them hedge against adverse reactions by the insurance market. Contact us today to discuss.

Employment Practices at the Olympics

In the 2012 Olympics, after losing to the South Korean team in soccer, a Swiss soccer player Tweeted a comment about the opposing team that was flagged as racist.  This caused him to be the second person expelled from the Olympics because of a discriminatory post.  The first was Voula Papachristou – a Greek triple-jumper. consults clients that in the modern workplace, social networking can be a source for harassment and discrimination and should be addressed.  Clients should explore purchasing Employment Practices Liability insurance to protect them from lawsuits that might arise from social networking.

Aon Claims Study

A0n has released their 2012 Long Term Care actuarial report. The report suggest that frequency of claims has been stable but severity of claims has greatly increased in the last five years. On point of note is that the actuaries found that claims settled under ADR agreements were 21% less costly than those in the court system. suggests clients take the report with a grain of salt. The study is focused on a small group of large facility owners over a short period of time. Long Term Care claims are volatile and long tailed, discerning trends is incredibly difficult.