NY Facility Under Scrutiny for Not Evacuating

It seems every time there is a storm a nursing home is faulted for how they handle it. St Rita’s in Louisiana was faulted for not evacuating during Katrina. Later, a Houston nursing home was questioned for evacuating residents from Rita’s path after 24 died in a bus fire.

The latest comes from Sandy, where a Queens nursing home is under fire for not evacuating or properly preparing.

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FL Suit over Medicaid Cost

A lawsuit is Florida is attempting to gain class action status as an elderly woman brings suits over Medicaid income calculations.

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EEOC Claim for Denied Leave

A New York nursing home is facing a lawsuit from the EEOC over denying a request for leave from an employee with a back injury. When the employee asked for the leave the employer requested a specific form to be filled out, which was never completed. The union asked to complete the form but this was not acknowledged and the assistant was fired.

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Home Sues Contractor for Medicare Fraud

An Iowa Nursing Home has sued Kindred (fka RehabCare) who had contracted with them to handle rehab therapies for their patients. After RehabCare took over Medicare billings increased, causing the state to investigate and eventually push the home to agree to a $675,000 settlement for overbillings.

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$1.5M HIPAA Settlement

A MA Physician Group has been hit with a $1.5M fine to penalize them for losing patient records and violating HIPAA.

Although nursing homes hold significantly less information than ambulatory care facilities they are still subject to the costs that come will addresses a loss of client data.

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Alabama Upholds Mandatory Arbitration for Nursing Home Residents

An appellate court in Alabama has reversed a lower court’s decision denying mandatory arbitration for a malpractice case. The family of a deceased former nursing home resident had attempted to sue the facility she died at. The nursing home had a mandatory arbitration clause in the standard admission forms the patient had signed, the appellate court has sent the matter to an arbitrator.

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