Organization Punished by Employment Practices Claims

After working for years to successfully control their liability claims a not-for-profit operator suddenly found themselves facing a slew of employment practices claims. Allegations of discrimination, wrongful termination and unpaid breaks were coming with at an alarming rate. By working with they were able to place insurance coverage that locked in low defense costs and protected them against adverse verdicts.

Ending the Pricing Cycle

A large midwestern facility had been exploring ways to avoid the boom and bust cycle of the insurance market for years. But after meeting with RRGs, captive advisors and other brokers they had not found a comfortable solution. helped them analyze their financial position and drive a solution based on their financial situation, rather than reactively respond to what the alternative risk market had traditionally offered.

Understanding Solvency

A small nursing facility approached brokers from to discuss the solvency of the Risk Retention Group (RRG) they had been a part of for years. After looking at the capital position and concentration of risk, the insured decided to retain more risk themselves and approach standard insurance markets for excess coverage. By making the move they avoided unexpected assessments that came against RRG members the following year.

Going Direct

By working with a specialist broker through a mid-sized senior care organization was able to save 10% on their renewal by cutting out the secondary broker their local agent used to access insurance underwriters.