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Facility Sued for Not Hiring Deaf Applicant

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has brought suit against Genesis Health Care, the owner of Holly Manor Center nursing facility in Mendham, NJ. Stefan P. Denisiuk initially was offered two part-time positions at the facility.

However, before he was able to accept employment Denisiuk was called back in for further interviews and  “grilled about his ability to communicate” by senior managers. Denisiuk was later today they decided to pursue other candidates.

The EEOC has brought suit as deafness is a protected disability and the employer is required to make accommodations if the applicant is otherwise qualified.

As a reminder counsel should be involved in all hiring/dismissal situations where the individual carries a disability to ensure the process is completed legally. Contact to discuss better protecting your organization from increasing employment related litigation.


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